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The PRACTIONIST Runtime & Framework has been developed and used in the context of these projects:



The project aims at enabling and supporting the creation and management of dynamic collaborations within Virtual Organizations (VO), in order to perform integrated and cooperating operational processes; as these processes involve several entities and resources (people, information systems, devices, etc..), it is important to minimize their mutual dependencies and maintain their autonomy in terms of knowledge and experience, tasks and objectives, confidentiality and security.


The project aims at developing the PRACTIONIST suite, that is (1) the PRACTIONIST Runtime & Framework, (2) a methodology to develop PRACTIONIST agents, and (3) a design and development tool that supports the development of BDI agents according to the PRACTIONIST model and following the above-mentioned methodology.

:. FoodNetXchange

The FoodNetXchange project is concerned with the creation of a collaborative network which aims at enabling and supporting the traceability of goods in the context of food supply chains through an effective sharing of information among involved parties. This collaboration approach aims at improving the competitiveness of agri-food SMEs through the creation of vertical and horizontal relations between them.

:. Te.S.C.He.T.

The project is an innovative and continously in progress instrument, able to integrate all the touristic cultural offers.

The project wants to demonstrate how technology can and must be considered as the foundations for the management, the conservation, the defense and the fruition of cultural heritages.

All this is possible thanks to public sector that together with the private one, propose to create a competent center in the southern Sicily, a leadership of the Cultural Heritage and of the tourism sector.


The project will develop an innovative food traceability system based on the following aspects:

(i) establishment of objective connections between the product flow and the information flow along the food chain;

(ii) development of an information management system which fits to the existing technologies present along the diverse players of the food chain and it is open for upcoming technologies,without imposing any technology change to any player;

(iii) maximum care of cost aspects of the used technologies.


The project aims at defining new approaches to help Supply Chains (mainly composed by SMEs) addressing market changes. The proposed solution will cover organizational, functional and technological facets of the Supply Chain processes providing:

  • New organizational processes for SME’ networks, based on functional integration of traditional separate functions like forecasting and logistic;
  • An ICT platform supporting SMEs in the implementation of the defined processes;

The proposed solution will be flexible in order to reflect possible changes within the Supply Chain and to address the need of new services that could arise.

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