:. R&D

250 researchers and highly specialized technicians, 50 million Euros invested in the past three years, a network of development laboratories, a team dedicated to Business Intelligence and Open Source. For the past 20 years, we’ve been building innovation so as to translate IT developments into opportunities and advantages for our customers, aligning results with new market trends, while optimizing the needs of business in project results.


An innovative approach freeing up new resources, directing them at services. Engineering’s OS solutions are available at www.spagoworld.org. Engineering is a strategic partner and founding member of the OW2 Consortium.

Engineering is one of the 13 European founders and partners of the Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI), the European technology platform, which aims to encourage the development of software and service-oriented architectures for industry and public administration.


Main units of the R&D Department are Grid Infrastructures and Services, Intelligent Systems, Security engineering, Interactive Digital Media, Processes Engineering, Services Engineering.


It is the Intelligent Systems Unit which is actively involved in the implementation of PRACTIONIST.

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