:. Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.

logo ufficiale di Engineering Ingegneria InformaticaSet up in 1980, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. is a global player in the Information Technology services sector. With over 6.000 employees, 37 Italian and foreign branches, 4 production facilities for software development and a complete product range targeting the market’s vertical segments: Finance, Public Administration, Industry and Telecommunications. The Research & Innovation unit comprises 200 skilled professionals of international standing, running over 20 software engineering projects and new generation services. Engineering is one of the founding partners of Nessi, the first integrated software and services platform introduced by the European community government, presiding over the initiative’s Steering Committee. Each year, we invest an amount equal to 7% of our consolidated earnings in applied research. Highly specialized expertise centres complete Engineering’s offering. The SAP Centre, with 420 human resources working on end-to-end and best-of-breed solutions throughout the SAP’s lifecycle; the Outsourcing Centre at Pont Saint Martin, managing projects and applications for over100 customers; the IT Security Centre, run by the subsidiary Engiweb Security; the Enterprise Content Management Centre, for workflows and content management; the Plant Management Systems Centre, intervening with its very own solutions on the core business of industrial automation processes. In Italy Engineering is an industry leader and the only player with an integrated and complete offering running through the entire software value chain: design, development, outsourcing, proprietary vertical products and solutions, and IT and strategic consulting, customized for our customers’ business models in all markets. Total revenues after acquisitions amounts to over 700 million Euros.


Seven business units: Finance, Central Public Administration, Local Public Administration & Healthcare, Oil & Services, Energy & Utilities, Industry and Telecommunications, supported by the expertise centres SAP, Outsourcing, Enterprise Content Management, Plant Management Systems, IT Security. The Research & Innovation unit supports the offering in the cycle enterprise-projects-market.


A customer portfolio of over 800 names, distributed over all vertical markets, in Italy and abroad. Engineering has partnerships with some of the largest industrial and credit Groups, who have globalized their production. Our IT services offering possesses in-depth knowledge of the market, remaining close to its customers, and is rooted in history. Engineering’s activities are certified by international software quality standards, such as CMMI level 3 certification and ISO-IEC 27001:2005 for outsourcing services. Our customers include banks, insurance companies, ministries and state-run central organisations, major municipalities, all of Italy’s regions, 60% of Italy’s national healthcare structures, large enterprises, primary international TLC providers, EU government organisms in Brussels, national and international players in the defence and homeland security sector.

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