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MO2L is an infrastructure, developed as a set of Eclipse plugins, enabling users to ground their own modelling tools upon a stable and consistent structure, sharing a lot of common capabilities. Users of MO2L are mainly graphical tool developers.

Thus MO2L has been developed by the PRACTIONIST team on top of the Eclipse platform and by using some Eclipse plug-ins, such as UML2, EMF and GMF. In order to correctly use the tool, the required versions of these plug-ins and Eclipse are listed on the download page.

The identity card of MO2L follows:

  • It is Open Source
  • It is developed as a set of cross-platform Eclipse plugins
  • It relies on an extendable architecture and defines its extensions points
  • It supplies support to share project specific design model by all diagrams
  • It defines a common model view
  • It defines support to the model validation
  • It defines support to diagram and model managment
  • It defines Drag & Drop support
  • It supplies support to the navagation of nested diagrams

MO2L is a work in progress infrastructure, which the PRACTIONIST team is working on.

At the current status of development, MO2L allowed the development of the editors for the following diagrams:

  • Class Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram
  • Agent Diagram
  • Domain Diagram
  • Environment Interaction Diagram
  • Goal Diagram
  • Plan Diagram
  • Plan Body Diagram
  • Strategic Dependency Diagram
  • Strategic Relational Diagram

To download the current MO2L version, go to the Downloads section.


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