:. Mission Statement

We strongly believe that the Agent-Oriented Computing represents an emergent paradigm that provides an interesting abstraction for the development of complex software systems whose requirements are not entirely known at design time, especially when running in rapidly changing and dynamic operative environments.


We also believe that one of the most interesting and attractive rational agent theories is the Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI). According to the philosophical viewpoint, the internal states and the decision process of a BDI agent are modeled in terms of beliefs, desires, and intentions, which respectively represent the information, motivational, and deliberative attitudes of the agent.


As a software company, we desire to adopt agent-based technologies and agent-oriented software engineering, in combination with other leading edge technologies, such as Web services, Semantic Web, grid computing, and pervasive technologies, to effectively and efficiently enable the development of next generation distributed systems.


Therefore, our intention is to define and provide advanced software agent technologies, tools, and services for developing software applications in several complex application domains. Particularly, we intend to define a set of agent-based solutions to develop distributed software applications implementing practical reasoning processes according to the BDI model of agency. We believe that the abstractions used in the model are really intuitive, as it is easy to understand the distinction between the process of deciding what to do and the one involving how to; similarly, the notions of belief, desire and intention are very familiar in human reasoning, so we believe that they could be easily used in BDI agent design. Moreover, this model provides a clear functional decomposition, which indicates what sort of subsystems might be required to build an agent.


Since the main issue in developing BDI agents is to figure out how to efficiently implement the deliberation process and means-ends reasoning, our intention is to continue investigating the tasks of practical reasoning in order to provide developers with useful tools that support the effective implemention of distributed systems based on BDI agents.
:. Recent Papers
  • A BDI Agent System for Credit Risk Assessment based on Fuzzy Logic
  • Developing Intentional Systems with the PRACTIONIST Framework
  • Dynamic conversations between agents with the PRACTIONIST Framework
  • Goal-Oriented Agent Patterns with the PRACTIONIST Framework

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