PRACTIONIST (PRACTIcal reasONIng sySTem) is a suite of tools supporting the design and development of multi-agent systems based on the BDI model of agency.

The suite includes

(i) the PRACTIONIST Runtime and Framework (PRF), which defines and supports the execution logic and provides the built-in components to develop BDI agents in Java (using JADE and Prolog). The PRF also includes the PRACTIONIST Agent Introspection Tool (PAIT), to monitor the intentional components of each agent and the PRACTIONIST Autonomic Management Facilities (PAMF) which enables PRACTIONIST applications to self-configure, self-heal, self-optimize and self-protect themselves;

(ii) a methodology, consisting of a UML-based modelling language (PAML) and an iterative and incremental development process, and

(iii) the PRACTIONIST Studio, a design and development tool which makes easier the development of multi-agent systems according to the PRACTIONIST model and the methodology.

The framework provides each agent with necessary tools to interact with the environment where it lives, including cognitive capacities upon the environment and execution of actions. The agents also own an explicit, partial and often not completely determined representation of the environment in which they live; thus the framework allows to develop agents able to reason on the state of world and the state of their execution.

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