:. PRACTIONIST Runtime & Framework

PRACTIONIST Runtime & Framework is built on the Bratman's theory of practical reasoning to support the development of BDI agents in Java (using JADE) with a Prolog belief base.

PRACTIONIST adopts a goal-oriented approach and stresses the separation between the deliberation process and the means-ends reasoning. Indeed the abstraction of goal is used to formally define both desires and intentions during the deliberation phase.

In PRACTIONIST the plans are actually recipes to achieve the intentions. Besides, PRACTIONIST allows developers to implement agents that are able to reason about their beliefs and the other agent's (including humans') beliefs, since beliefs are not simple grounded literals or data structures but modal logic formulas.

The PRACTIONIST Runtime & Framework aims at supporting the programmer in developing agents (i) endowed with a symbolic representation about the environment in which they live, (ii) able to plan their activities in order to pursue some objectives, and (iii) provided with both proactive and reactive behaviours.

The PRACTIONIST Runtime & Framework is currently built on top of JADE, a widespread platform that implements the FIPA specifications and provides some core services, such as a communication infrastructure, agent life-cycle management, and so forth.

Thus, PRACTIONIST agents are an extension of JADE agents and are deployed within JADE containers. Moreover the deliberation process and the means-ends reasoning are implemented within a JADE cyclic behaviour, while each intended means to pursue agents' objectives is executed in a separate thread.  

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